Goals of   M3 STRONG...                                                                                                                                                                                        
Core Strength
Having a strong core is fundamental. Our “core” muscles are the first muscles to fire when doing any sort of movement so keeping them strong is very important. We will constantly be working on this by challenging your stabilization and balance. 
Endurance & Strength
There are a few steps to optimal fitness and it starts with endurance, we must prepare the body for long term “work”. The next step is strength in endurance and then we move into building muscle and becoming your strongest self. Then we get to creating a POWER HOUSE, being able to move the world.
Muscle Gain
Muscle takes up about one third the space of fat and burns more calories through the day. So building muscle is how we not only become stronger but how we continue to burn more fat. Building muscle is different way of training, be ready to lift weight! 
Are you a rock climber? Skier? Volleyball player? Football Player? Marathoner? Sport specific training will get you into the shape you need to perform at your best all season long. We will work on, speed and agility, balance, and injury prevention. 
The weight-loss program is specifically geared to boost your metabolism, we do this by triggering the right hormones in our workout and incorporating resistance training, to build muscle and burn fat. We will also be doing some nutritional coaching to ensure that you are staying on track and getting the best results possible. 
Motivation & Accountability 
Motivation is always the an obstacle in creating a healthy lifestyle. That is why we will be able to work through the difficult days and continue moving toward our goals. Accountability is another factor that holds us back from accomplishing what we set out to do in the gym, so now you will have someone there to make sure you show up physically and mentally.


You have just taken the first step toward better living. As a perk for doing so I am going to offer you...

Free 60min Consultation and Movement Analysis

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